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Nov 10, 2007


Remembering a friend...

Preamble The most helpful person I fathom heretofore and probably will descry --> AMIT(God – as he baptizes) Sirf naam hi kaafi hai

I hark back to the days ere the main exams in which he gave time to expound me the entire chapters, didn’t matter that his course himself wasn’t completed. A very cool person underneath who never takes tension. A crony who accompanied me to an unfamiliar city albeit it was only my need. Trusty and a true chum; not only for me but for all he befriended.

Traits A fanatic devotee whose matins revolve around Lord Shiva, believes in the dogmas of Swami Vivekananda. A person with strong willpower, who firmly believes in himself, is stoical and intrepid. Synonym of simple living and high thinking, believer of actions rather than words.

A scintillating person who lives in class and dignity, and has the capability of running minds faster than those who con. Is sporty but indolent but then very active. Cagey, coquette. Words may fall short for even his iota of goodness!

Love life Loves♥nature♥India. Besotted a wench since last eight years who dwells far away but never ever spoke with her…

Disclaimer The given idiosyncrasy is a tall story and bears no congruence with the person heeded. Any deviation from literal Amit if noted, please get him a line personally.

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